Beer Belly Bags - Premium Stick and Slide Cornhole bags



Beer Belly bags helps you take your Cornhole bags game to the next level

By using only the highest quality plastic resin fill. Our bags won't degrade or mold like the cornfill our competitors use.
Resin also provides a consistent weight and feel for that perfect throw every time.
Built with quality fabric! Our bags wont fall apart after outdoor use.
Our bags come in a wide variety of color combinations to customize to match your Cornhole boards or favorite team

Why players prefer Beer Belly Bags:

  •  Filled to 16oz
  • Made in the USA
  • Used by pro players across the country
  • ACO and ACL approved 6"x6"
  • Premium Plastic fill for the perfect weight and  feel
  • Sewn with computerized industrial machines for accuracy
  • All bags weigh and feel the same
  • Great customer service

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Custom Cornhole bags
  • Comes in Performance, Tournament and Speed Series
  • Slick side / Solid Color
  • Stick side / Swirl 
  • $35 Set of 4
  • Free Shipping
Custom Cornhole bags
  • ***FAST Shipping Deal***
  • Slick side / Smoke design
  • Stick side / 4 Navy, 4  Red
  • $60 / set of 8
  • Ships the next day
  • ***Fast shipping deal only available in Blue and Red***
  • ***For other colors, see Performance Series***
Anti Humidity Cornhole bags
  • Swirl or Lightning design
  • For wet and humid conditions
  • Slick side always slides (even when boards are sticky)
  • Stick side always sticks
  • $35/Set of 4
Custom Cornhole bags
  • ACL Approved
  • Our most durable bag
  • Stick side / swirl or gray swirl design
  • slide side / color
  •  $32.50 - 35 / set of 4
  • Free Shipping
Custom Cornhole bags
  • Best playing, Pros prefered bag
  • Smoke or Swirl Design
  • Softer, faster-playing bag
  • Requires no break in
  • Does not stretch out
  • Stick side color
  • Slide side logo swirl design
Custom Cornhole bags
  • Same great stick / slide bag
  • Same as tournament bags, but without a logo
  • Customize slick color
  • Customize slide color
  • $32.50/set of 4
Camoflage Cornhole bags
  • For the outdoors person
  • No logo on bag
  • Slick side / Camo
  • Stick side / color
  • $32.50/Set of 4
Custom Cornhole bags
  • $10 single bag, any style

Beer Belly Bags are perfect for the casual or pro player that doesn't want to keep replacing moldy or broken down bags. While most bag companies use corn filling, here's why we use plastic resin:

  • Corn bags start out weighing 14-16 ounces, but will break down and weigh significantly less after only a few games. It's like throwing around an empty sock! Plastic resin won't degrade over time, ensuring the perfect throw every time.
  • Corn bags attract rodents and bugs that love to chow down on the corn fill. Don't let those varmints ruin your game! Plastic resin fill makes sure your bags won't attract varmints so you can keep playing longer without replacing bags.

Free Carrying Bag With Every Order of 8 Bags or more!