Custom Color (No Logo) Tournament Series Cornhole Bags


Custom Color (No Logo) Tournament Series Cornhole Bags

$49.99 $44.99

  • ACL approved  weight and size
  • Weight 450 grams (16 oz)
  • Size 6″ x 6″
  • Our most durable bag
  • No logo
  • Select the color for both sides
  • 10-20 game break-in time

Please check out our performance or tournament series bags in the meantime!


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Beer Belly Bags Cornhole bags help you take your Cornhole game to the next level. By using only the highest quality plastic resin fill, our bags will not degrade or mold like the corn-fill our competitors use. Resin also provides a consistent weight and feel for that perfect throw every time.

Our Tournament Series Cornhole bags are designed for a broad range of players from beginner to the pro throwing on ESPN.  We recommend this series for anyone who wants a great bag without a logo.  These bags will need a 10-20 game break-in period.  The fabric will stretch slightly as it breaks-in, resulting in a bag that falls in the hole easier.  Slide side will play a little fast right out of the box, but will slow down after getting some playing time.  Speed of the bags will depend on the playing surface and how cold or hot and humid it is.  See our speed chart below.

If you are looking for a bag with no break-in, see our All Star or Performance Series bags.

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These are very durable bags, however, they are still made of fabric and require some care.

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Players prefer Beer Belly Bags Cornhole bags because:

  • They are made in the USA
  • Used by pro players across the country
  • Official weight (16 oz) and size (6" x 6")
  • Constructed with Premium Plastic Resin fill for the perfect weight and feel
  • Sewn with computerized industrial machines for accuracy.  All bags weigh and feel the same.
  • Plastic resin will not degrade over time, ensuring the perfect throw every time.
  • Corn bags attract rodents and bugs that love to chow down on the corn fill. Don't let those varmints ruin your game!
  • And best of all, great customer service!!!