Limited Time Free Gift with Regular Price Set of 8

Limited Time Free Gift with Regular Price Set of 8


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DURABLE, CONSISTENT: made with premium basketweave & rave suede materials, double-stitched and filled to an exact 1 lb. weight to provide a consistent feel & perfect throw EVERY. TIME.

WEATHER RESISTANT & CRITTER PROOF: filled with 16 ounces of quality plastic resin that won’t break down or mold from weather like corn-filled bags (which also attract bugs, deer, and rodents)

REGULATION SIZE & WEIGHT: following the guidelines recommended by the American Cornhole Association, each bag measures 6″ x 6″ and is filled consistently to 1lb (16 oz) with quality resin pellets

ROUNDED CORNERS: sits in your hand better and allows the bag to roll a bit if it hits the ground or board at an angle

THROW LIKE A PRO: made with the same quality, durability, and attention to detail as professional cornhole bags with dual-sided premium materials

MADE IN THE USA: double-stitched for durability with industrial machines, handmade details and manufactured in our Wisconsin facilities