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Spiral Design Performance Series Premium Cornhole Bags

Performance Series Speed Scale

Spiral Design Performance Series Premium Cornhole Bags


Take your game up a level with the Spiral Performance Series Premium Cornhole Bags. Designed for players that have graduated from solely backyard play and are looking to seriously start honing their game by adding defense, a stick and slick technique (and yes, still a little luck) to their strategy.  Our Performance Series cornhole bags are loved by bar leagues, local and regional tournament players because of the premium quality and durability as professional bags.

Voted “most hole friendly” (by our devoted cornhole loving fans) these dual-sided, easy-to-throw bags are designed for gameplay right out of the box. No break-in needed! The Solid Color twill slick side promises a fast bag to glide effortlessly across the board right into the hole balanced by the perfectly rugged designed Spiral suede stick side to make it easier to grip the board and block shots.

With Beer Belly Bags Performance Series there is no stopping any player from training to become a local league champ or starting a friendly competition with friends at your favorite drinking establishment’s tournament. Also, perfect throwing bags for backyard games, tailgate parties & outdoor casual gatherings.

NO BREAK-IN NEEDED: made with easy-to-grip, soft twill & suede fabrics that are designed for gameplay and consistent throws right out of the box

WEATHER RESISTANT & CRITTER PROOF: filled with 16 ounces of quality plastic resin that won’t break down or mold from weather like corn-filled bags (which also attract bugs, deer and rodents)

REGULATION SIZE & WEIGHT: following the guidelines recommended by the American Cornhole Association, each bag measures 6″ x 6″ and is filled consistently to 1lb (16 oz) with quality resin pellets

ROUNDED CORNERS: sits in your hand better and allows the bag to roll a bit if it hits the ground or board at an angle

THROW LIKE A PRO: made with the same quality, durability, and attention-to-detail as professional cornhole bags with dual-sided fabrics & premium materials to provide a consistent feel & perfect throw EVERY. TIME.

TRAVEL READY: sets of 8 include a FREE durable heavy weight canvas drawstring tote for easy transport & storage- you can also purchase an additional bag for only $5 more

MADE IN THE USA: double-stitched for durability with industrial machines, handmade details and manufactured in our Wisconsin facilities.



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