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Lightning Design Speed Series Cornhole Bags


Lightning Design Speed Series Cornhole Bags

$39.99 | set of 4

  • ACL, ACO and ESPN approved
  • Weight 16 oz
  • Size 6″ x 6″
  • Lightning design slides on wet or damp surfaces
  • Solid color slower slick side
  • Designed for humid or wet conditions

Please check out our performance or tournament series bags in the meantime!


Learn more about our Speed Series Cornhole Bags…

Beer Belly Bags Cornhole bags help you take your Cornhole game to the next level. By using only the highest quality plastic resin fill, our bags will not degrade or mold like the corn-fill our competitors use. Resin also provides a consistent weight and feel for that perfect throw every time.

Our Lightning Speed Series Cornhole bags are designed specifically for humid or wet conditions.  When boards get damp from humidity or rain and no other bag is sliding break out these speed series bags and you will be unstoppable with a bag that will always slide.  These will play fast until broken-in.  See the speed chart below.

Most people use these in addition to a primary set of bags for dry conditions.  See our other lines of bags for dry conditions.  This is a very durable bag but is still made of fabric and will require some care.

Click here to learn how to break-in and care for your bags.

Players prefer Beer Belly Bags Cornhole bags because:

  • They are made in the USA
  • Used by pro players across the country
  • American Cornhole Organization (ACO) and American Cornhole League (ACL) approved weight (16 oz) and size (6" x 6")
  • Constructed with Premium Plastic Resin fill for the perfect weight and feel
  • Sewn with computerized industrial machines for accuracy.  All bags weigh and feel the same.
  • Plastic resin will not degrade over time, ensuring the perfect throw every time.
  • Corn bags attract rodents and bugs that love to chow down on the corn fill. Don't let those varmints ruin your game!
  • And best of all, great customer service!!!